M.E. Hart's

Hart's journey from severe trauma to a present characterized by compassion and professional accomplishments has been guided by a profound spiritual connection, inner strength, and intelligence.

Previously, Hart believed that the abuse he endured had taken away his entire being. However, a transformative experience altered his perspective. During a men's Survivors of Incest Anonymous group meeting on a Wednesday night, coinciding with the Easter season, a particular spiritual song, "He Would Not Come Down From the Cross Just to Save Himself," echoed in his mind, leaving a lasting impact. Troubled by this haunting melody, Hart took a momentary break from the meeting and entered the men's room. As he looked into the mirror, he witnessed a vision—a cross with a man on it, accompanied by the recurring spiritual playing in his mind. Gradually, the man on the cross transformed into a four-year-old child, the same age Hart was when the sexual abuse that scarred his childhood began. In that instant, the vision unveiled a profound realization: the abuse hadn't stolen everything from him. A spirit had always been present within him, serving as his guardian and guiding force. Even decades later, recounting this experience fills Hart with intense emotions, as the significance of that vision remains deeply resonant.

Empowered by this spiritual connection, bolstered by his inner strength and intelligence, Hart has navigated through these challenging circumstances with remarkable success. He is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult rape, operating in a world that struggles to acknowledge that men too can be victims of sexual assault. Additionally, Hart faces the challenges of being a black man in a country that grapples with fully recognizing the profound extent of its longstanding history of racism.

Today, Hart has embraced multiple roles, excelling as an attorney, a professional actor, a poet, and the CEO and co-founder of Hart Learning Group, an executive coaching and corporate consulting firm. He courageously shared his story of sexual abuse for the first time on BET's Our Voices and stood alongside 200 other male survivors during the final season of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Hart continues to speak out, delivering his "poetry with a purpose," to various groups and conferences across the nation.

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