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This incident was a direct result of the improper treatment of my wall, which was adjacent to the trash room. I would like to emphasize the severity of the situation, the violation of my privacy, and the extended period it took management to address this matter.

The invasion of gnats and subsequent pest infestation had an incredibly traumatic impact on my daily life. Waking up to swarms of gnats in my living space was both horrifying and emotionally distressing. The invasion not only compromised the security of my home but also invaded my personal space, leaving me with a constant sense of unease and discomfort.

As a resident, I trusted that management would prioritize my safety and well-being. However, it is deeply troubling that it took an extended period of three months for management to address this critical issue. Despite my numerous documented calls to action, the breach of my privacy and the resulting pest invasion persisted, further exacerbating the distressing nature of the situation.

The only solace I found during this harrowing ordeal was the understanding that I would not be held financially responsible for the negligence that had compromised the security of my home. I was assured that management would take appropriate action and provide the necessary resolution. However, the prolonged delay in addressing this matter has caused significant emotional and psychological turmoil.

I implore you to understand the gravity of the situation and the profound impact it has had on my overall well-being. A breach of privacy and the subsequent invasion of pests is not only a violation of my lease agreement but also a betrayal of the trust I placed in management to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.







Dear Jacob,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek clarification on the matter of the rent concession that was discussed with Monique Firewall. In our email thread, there are clear references to my ongoing advocacy for a rent concession due to the compromised security of my apartment, which led to pest invasions, foul odors, and the breach of my lease agreement.

I understand that you are now stating there may have been a misunderstanding regarding the rent concession, but I kindly request that you highlight the specific section where Monique references the one-month rent concession. Throughout our email exchange, I consistently brought up the issue and provided detailed documentation of the chaos I experienced as a result of management's negligence. This included graphic documentation of the gnat infestation and its impact on my daily life.

Living in a home where the security has been compromised and being subjected to such circumstances in the late hours of the night is a deeply distressing experience. It is only fair that I do not bear the financial burden for the negligence of management in this situation. When I spoke to Monique on April 24th at 2:30 PM, she explicitly mentioned that the VP had accepted my request for a rent concession and would honor my experience. She even discussed the procedure of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that the details of my apartment's condition would not be shared or used for legal action.

Had the NDA been sent over as promised, we could have caught any misunderstandings or discrepancies regarding the rent concession. However, the fact that it was not provided has left me feeling bamboozled and unsupported. Three months of documented chaos resulting from management's negligence does not seem adequately addressed by a mere one-month concession. It is crucial to consider the magnitude of the impact on my well-being, including the lingering psychological effects I am still experiencing due to the traumatizing presence of gnats in my living space.

I implore you to reconsider your position and honor the three-month rent concession that was explicitly discussed during my conversation with Monique. Failing to do so may leave me no choice but to pursue legal action for breach of lease agreement and the severe disruption caused to my living conditions.

I eagerly await your prompt response and a resolution that addresses the serious concerns raised in this email.


Hey Jacob,

Can you please highlight where Monique Fireall references giving me a 1 month rent concession.

As throughout the email thread there is CLEAR references of me advocating for rent concession  dating back to the day in which it was magnified that the security of my apartment had been compromised with the invasion of gnats, and a foul smell. Stemming from the way in which my wall was butchered in adjacent to the trashroom. Which compromised the security of my home and breached my lease agreement.

As someone who understands the challenges of the service industry, I sympathize with unforeseen incidents. However, it was the negligence of management that led to me swating gnats, from amongst me in the wee hours of the night which was graphically documented within Monique & I email thread. 

Until, you’ve been in a situation in which the security of your home was compromised by curious pest, foul orders, 



it is crucial for you to recognize the impact these unresolved issues and unmet promises have on my perception of your management team. I have not felt seen, heard, or valued as a resident, despite my continuous efforts to bring attention to these concerns.Hey Jacob.

Can you please reference where Monique Fireall references giving me a 1 month rent concession.



And the only thing that mediated my unique experience for me was knowing that I did not have to pay for the negligence of someone else that compromised the security of my home therefore breaching my lease agreement for an extended period of 3 months. As a result, I dealt with gnats and or fruit flies invasions due to the fact that I stay next door to the trash room in which the original hole existed. I’m not sure if this is the result of a bad bag of potatoes or fruit. But it seems as if I swat 15-20 fruit flies a day. I’d chosen this location because I was confident that I’d be secure and comfortable. In all my months of being here unfortunately that has not been my experience. I understand, being in the service business that things happen - Yet and still there has been no obvious effort to make sure I, the resident feel seen, heard, and valued. As I’m still referencing holes in my walls that were supposed to be fixed as of February 8th. It is now April 16th, and the lack of attentiveness has manifested in way that is simply just overbearing.